Here’s a bit of news we didn’t expect to hear. Over the weekend, it was reported that instead of simply getting postponed, Amazon Prime Day has been cancelled for Canada this year. Dang, how else are we gonna panic-purchase an air fryer for like 16% off now?

The news comes from the tech publication iPhone in Canada, which points to alleged screenshots of the confidential Amazon Seller Central portal. A new update on there states that based on the impact of COVID-19 and the importance of the ‘health and safety’ of employees, Amazon Prime Day has been cancelled outright.

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It’s a weird turn from last year, which saw Prime Day get postponed but still happen in Canada (and during an uptick in cases nationwide, no less). And, they didn’t hesitate to hold Prime Day last month for America. Some Amazon fulfillment centres were temporarily closed earlier this summer, but there have been no outbreaks since May.

So yeah, we’re kind of scratching our heads about the rationale behind this. At the moment, Amazon Prime Day in Canada is still officially ‘postponed‘, not cancelled. So, we look forward to an official statement in the near future!