Canadians love skating. This isn’t news. But what Canadians really, really love? Skating in cool places. Whether that’s gliding through the Rocky Mountains or along the stunning frozen Rideau Canal, we’re suckers for a pretty ODR. So why not show some love to Alberta’s Victoria Park rainbow IceWay?

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, this skating trail is decorated with colourful lighting that’s totally dreamy. The trail spans 2,700 square meters, making it an amazing date spot or a fun (and very Canadian) way to commute!

rainbow iceway

To create the gorgeous trails, truck drivers bring anywhere from 60-80 trucks full of water. It’s a pretty intense process, but the end product is totally worth it if you ask us.

If you’re interested in checking it out, the lights in Victoria Park are turned on from 5 PM-10 PM daily during the winter months.