We had a play ‘house’ when we were growing up. Of course, it was essentially just a cardboard box shoved between two living room couches then covered with a sheet, but it served its purpose. To all of our friends, it was pretty damn impressive. From sleepovers to timeouts, we milked it for all it was worth – then one day… our parents asked for the sheet back. Out-of-town guests, you know? If we’re being honest, every once in a while it still stings – but one local company has the cure and that remedy is Charmed Family Resorts.

Located in Lethbridge, Alberta Charmed Resorts opened in 2020 with a single cabin but has since grown to offer 3 stunning properties; The Midsummer Cottage, Rapunzels Cottage and the Evlvn Cottage, all of which you really have to see to believe.

Originally, Charmed actually specialized in making over-the-top playhouses exclusively for children – many of which were celebrity offspring – but they wanted to get the big kids in on the magic too! Just like that – Alberta’s enchanting forest was realized.

Named and modelled after fictional characters and destinations, each luxury tiny home has a unique story, sleeps between 4 to 6 people and includes several comforting amenities including a fridge, BBQ, fireplace, an adorable wooden swing, and more.

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It all gets better though because they actually plan to expand even more, adding a wedding pavilion, a pool, and obviously more storybook-themed shelters – which would be incredible because things have started to get pretty crazy.

How do we know this? Well, bookings for both the Midsummer and Repunzel Cottage, as well as their brand new Elvyn Cottage, just opened this week and their calendar is already pretty full.

To be frank – If you’re interested in reserving a spot, check out the link below ASAP and cross those fingers of yours!

Good luck, Alberta and maybe we’ll see out there! We’ve been told we’re a wonderful neighbout.


Where: 3-211040, Township Rd 92, Lethbridge, AB
Instagram: @CharmedPlayhouses