Albertans wait all year long for the summer sun, but sometimes too much of a good thing can cause nothing but heatstroke and bad tan lines. Luckily, those who are a little hesitant to get out and about after last year’s scorcher won’t have to fear the great outdoors this time around – according to the Weather Network. 

In their newly released 2022 Summer Forecast, the WN confirmed that while Alberta will see definitely see cozier temperatures, it will not be as unbearable as last year.

“Throughout the heart of summer, there will also be periods of cooler weather that will provide relief from the heat at times,” they explain.

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“This is why we’re forecasting near-normal temperatures overall for summer across central and northern parts of the province, including Edmonton and Fort McMurray.”

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for southern parts of the province, like Calgary which will be a little warmer than normal – though (again) not as hot as 2021. 

As for all that darned rain that we’re experiencing? Well, according to the pros, this June could find itself in the hall of fame among the 5 wettest on record.

On the bright side – come July and August, the worst of us will be behind us with the province settling into a more typical summer pattern.

The south will be dry, while the north will see stormier patterns, but according to the Alberta Summer forecast, we won’t see anything too extreme – so bust out that SPF, enjoy the weather, and don’t forget to hydrate, friends!

Our future looks relatively comfortable.