Well, friends, It might be hard to believe (because Mother Nature has been relatively kind over the last few months), but Wild Rose Country is unpredictable. This week, as reported by The Weather Network, parts of Alberta could see snow – but it’s not all bad news!

With September upon us, it was just a matter of time until we saw a dip in the forecast – but only those headed west will want to toss on a pair of boots.

According to TWN the Rockies could see a thin layer of snow in the next 48 hours – with Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise on their powder list.

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“While freezing levels will remain high, the cold air will be just low enough to allow precipitation to fall as snow,” they wrote.

“It won’t amount to much more than a conversation starter, but some of the mountain peaks—including those at Sunshine Village—could see a dusting by Friday morning.”


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If of course, you live in Calgary or Edmonton don’t worry too much about digging out those winter clothes.

Yes, nights in the bigger cities will get chillier, the sun will come out tomorrow and the next day – and the day after that!

“The good news for those who aren’t done with summer just yet is that summer isn’t done with Alberta just yet, either,” the organization confirmed,


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“The ridge of high pressure bringing historic heat to the western United States will just northward through the weekend, allowing hot temperatures to return to southern sections of the Prairies by early next week.”

In conclusion, let this be nothing more than a wake-up call – Alberta. The warmer weather is fleeting, so get out, about and enjoy it while you can – but don’t dread the end either.

Even in the dead of winter, we’ll still have the winter holidays to look forward to – and that’s worth your excitement just as well.