Alberta is no stranger to winter, but a recent arctic mass that has swept into Alberta is giving us some wildly cold weather. In fact, today and over the next couple of days, Alberta will have some of the coldest places in the entire world.

As of this morning, the majority of Alberta has been placed under an ‘Extreme Cold Warning’ from Environment Canada. For reference, each red-coloured region below is currently under that warning. Yikes.

alberta cold weather
Via Environment Canada

Now, just how cold is the weather going to be around Alberta? In Calgary, the temperature this morning has dipped as low as -23°C with a -32°C wind chill. In Edmonton, the temperature has been hovering between -25°C and -30°C, and the wind chill is expected to hit at least -40°C.

If that sounds cold, it’s got nothing on the coldest places in Alberta. According to WX Now, which tracks weather extremes around the world, 4 of the 15 coldest places on earth today are in Alberta.

alberta coldest places weather
Image via WXNow

The above chart shows temperatures in Fahrenheit, but a quick conversion shows -29°F coming in at -33°C, and High Level, Alberta’s -33°F converts to a blisteringly chilly -36°C. Add in wind chill for these areas, and we’re looking at -45°C and worse across the province.

Canada has had a wild year of weather, from floods and earthquakes to early blizzards. Here’s hoping 2022 brings us a little more moderation.