We Prairie Province folks are surprised by very little –  but we’d be lying if we said that the 4.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Western Alberta on Wednesday night didn’t have a few of us a tad rattled, lost and apparently, even kind of annoyed.

Recorded 37 kilometres northwest of Rocky Mountain House by Earthquakes Canada, the tremor hit around 9:30 pm and didn’t last very long – but rightfully had those local to pretty confused.

Heck, even people in Edmonton, Red Deer and other neighbouring communities said that they had also felt it – but this isn’t uncommon for an EQ about 10 km deep.

Luckily, no serious damage has been reported and no one was hurt physically.

Mentally though? Well, according to Twitter everyone is still fine – just completely baffled …. and a little bothered.

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Now it’s important to note that Earthquakes in Alberta aren’t new. While ones that we can actually feel are uncommon, they have been recorded throughout history and this isn’t something to worry too much about.

Lastly, if you’re among the many that felt it last night – report it! Earthquakes Canada asks that you fill out their questionnaire here to help them better understand seismic activity all over the country which is not only cool but important. Stay safe and stay grounded, friends!