This year calls for an extra special holiday season, one that ends with a rum-nog hangover and a stomach full of turkey but begins with the whimsy of cutting your own green giant.

Luckily, not only does Alberta have a ton of places to cut your own Christmas tree, the province has released a map of where you can do so.

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Photo via Shutterstock

While you could just set up an artificial evergreen, many, instead, choose to don some flannel and hit Canada’s woodland areas – but not without reading the rulebook first!

The most important thing to note? First, you’ll have to secure a Personal Use Forest Products Permit (PUFPP).

To be eligible for this permit you must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Alberta, in good standing with the Crown and totally aware of the risks associated with cutting your own tree.

If of course, you meet all of the requirements and are approved, you’ll have to refer to their Christmas tree-cutting map!

Photo via Government of Alberta

Here, those looking to harvest a Christmas tree in Alberta can actually see where they’re able to get chop-happy this winter and are reminded of their guidelines which are as follows:

A permittee that holds a Personal Use Forest Products Permit that authorizes the cutting and removal of Christmas trees shall:

  • Cut no more than three Christmas trees
  • Cut trees less than 2.5 metres (approximately 8 feet) in height
  • Not cut the tops of trees taller than 2.5 metres
  • Cut Christmas trees that have a stump width of 15 centimetres or less
  • Utilize all trees cut by the permittee.

If you think you can handle this and are ready to apply for your own PUFPP, visit the official Government website here!

Now get going, folks! Your living room is dying for a little holiday action – we can feel it!