Alongside some seriously bucket-list destinations around the world, Alberta landed on a recent list of cheap destinations to visit in 2022. The list comes from a seriously popular budget airfare website, so let’s check it out.

Scott’s Cheap Flights, which basically tracks cheap airfare around the world, came up with the list. Not a ranking, and pretty editorial in nature, it relies on things like new airlines or flights coming to the region, or just being reliably cheap to fly to. Plus, the list is restricted to places that are currently open to visitors, or that they ‘expect to open’ later in 2022.

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Either way, Alberta managed to find a spot among 21 other great destinations, stretching from Vietnam to Puerto Rico to Italy. According to them, Alberta features incredible landscapes around Jasper and Banff, the Calgary Stampede to look forward to, and the world’s second-largest Dark Sky Preserve. Heck, we even got a shoutout for the new Indigenous Peoples Experience at Fort Edmonton Park! Which, honestly, we were pretty impressed to see them throw in there.

Pair that with consistently inexpensive flights both in and out of the province, and we can see why Alberta made their list of cheap destinations to visit in 2022. Of course, now we have to find a pen pal from one of the other spots listed and see if they’re ready to do a house swap. Tahiti, here we come!