While we may have been advised against hopping on a plane right now, we still welcome and entertain future travel plans with an open heart… and an open wallet. Luckily, by the time we’re ready to pass through security again, Canada will have Lynx Air, a brand new low-cost airline with desirable destinations all over the world.

Starting January 19th, jet setters willing to fly out of the Calgary International Airport where they’re based will finally be able to purchase and plan extremely cheap trips, thanks to the adoption of Europe’s low-cost carrier model.

According to Lynx representatives, their revolutionary “à la carte pricing,” will give customers the opportunity to only pay for the services that they actually want to use – like early check-ins and in-flight entertainment.

“The model is about simplicity, efficiency and empowering customers to pay for what they want and nothing more,” said Merren McArthur, CEO and president of Lynx Air in a press release.

“Airfares have traditionally been high here in Canada, and we at Lynx Air believe there are Canadians who can’t afford to travel or can’t afford to travel as often as they would like.”

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Also, for those seriously invested in getting out of dodge, it’s also worth noting that as a way to celebrate their launch, Lynx will be holding a contest where 2 lucky prize winners will win one round trip flight per month to any destination for 12 months – which you can read more about here. 

Unfortunately, for those who have already packed their bags, routes and schedules will not be available until the big day – so don’t go booking your time off at work just yet.

There’s still one more week until we’re able to enjoy the fruits of their labour, so set it in your calendar and don’t forget it! We have a sneaky suspicion that their planes will fill up pretty fast and you won’t want to miss out. Good luck!