Canadians who are still hanging on to their tropical getaway plans this winter may need to make some new travel arrangements. Air Canada has announced that they’re suspending flights to several sunny spots, but some popular destinations are excluded from the list.

The flight suspension will remain in place for the rest of winter, from January 24th until April 30th, 2022.

The affected destinations include Antigua, Aruba, Samaná, Curaçao, Exuma, Grenada, Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Havana, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Canadians who bought seats on Air Canada flights to any of these areas during the suspension will be given full refunds.

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The airline is reaching out to customers directly with the details and issuing refunds in order of departure date.

To help Canadians return home and prevent them from being stranded abroad, Air Canada will still be running one-way flights to the affected countries.

However, the airline has decided to continue running flights to two tropical getaway destinations throughout the winter — Mexico and the Caribbean.

“Important clarification: Air Canada is not suspending service to Mexico or the Caribbean,” Air Canada tweeted earlier this week. The airline clarified to Curiocity that a select number of Caribbean routes are suspended, but others are still running.

This comes just weeks after the Canadian government reinstated its non-essential travel advisory, warning the public not to leave the country due to the risk of Omicron.

Canada’s health minister said recently that while those travelling abroad will be at risk of the variant, they’ll also run the risk of being stranded for indefinite periods of time.

Here’s to hoping that jet-setting to the tropics gets easier at some point in 2022.