Ready to feast your eyes on one of Ontario’s most precious hidden gems? Then, say hello to the awe-inspiring Aguasabon Falls & Gorge.

Picture this — you’re standing at the edge of a ferocious 100-foot waterfall overlooking ancient cliffs and a massive gorge.

In the spring, the falls are at their most powerful, spraying mist and crashing into the rocks with a sound that’ll make you feel alive.

In the summer and autumn, Aguasabon Falls transforms into a graceful masterpiece, almost as if it’s saying, “Yeah, I can chill too.”

According to the Terrace Bay tourism website, the waterfall cascades down onto a rock face that’s been around for a whopping 2.6 billion years.

Yes, billion! Talk about ancient beauty.

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And be sure to bring your hiking boots, because there’s so much more to see!

If you’re not too busy being mesmerized by the falls, you’ll spot some picnic tables, and RV-friendly parking — road trip, anyone?

Plus, they’ve got a wheelchair-accessible boardwalk, so everyone can experience the magic.

Aguasabon Falls isn’t the only show in town. Lace up your boots and explore the Casque Isles Trail, where more natural wonders await.

Feeling beachy? Hike to Terrace Bay Beach – it’s a 3.25 km round trip, and trust me, the view is worth every step.

And for all you explorers, there’s a 3.75 km round trip hike to Danny’s Cove. Who’s Danny? We’re not sure, but his cove is calling.

Whether you’re a waterfall aficionado, a hiking junkie, or just someone who loves a darn good view, Aguasabon Falls has it all.

Aguasabon Falls & Gorge

Where: 2 Aguasabon Gorge Road, Terrace Bay, Ontario