Summer weather is still going strong here in Ontario, and now’s the time to finally make that trip to the lake! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect spot, look no further than Lake Mindemoya, which is just as beautiful as it is refreshing.

This lake is adored by locals and visitors alike for its lustrous turquoise colour, its abundance of fish, and the large nearby island from which the lake gets its name.

It’s located on Manitoulin Island, which is worth a getaway for its spectacular Bridal Veil Falls swimming hole and summer activities.

Lake Mindemoya’s striking appearance is just one of its many standout features.

During a typical summer day, the serene and shallow lake attracts swimmers and sunbathers lying out on the shore.

As the third largest among the island’s collection of over 100 lakes, Lake Mindemoya boasts other noteworthy characteristics.

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These include its central location, comfortable water temperatures, its abundance of whitefish, and the rugged and hilly island that serves as its iconic backdrop, says Explore Manitoulin.

This 87-acre rise of limestone towers around 300 feet above the lake’s surface and is known as Treasure Island.

Its original name was Mindemoya, or more accurately, ‘Mindimowenh,’ in the Ojibwe language, signifying “old woman.”

The derivation of this name has been explained in different ways, but the constant element in all versions of the legend is the belief that the island, Mindemowenh, resembles an Anishnabek woman.

Locals also claim that the mesmerizing hue of the lake is due to its “blue clay bottom,” which some people even use for pottery.

So, if you squeeze in one more excursion this summer before the new season begins, it’s safe to say that this would be a memorable one.