Summer isn’t over yet, but winters in Toronto don’t play around. So naturally, we’re already dreaming of a warm and tropical getaway for when the colder months hit. Just picture a vacation with sun, sand, and crystal blue waters. Your coworkers will be so jealous when you come back with a sunburn in the middle of January. The best part is we also know how you can save a ton on your travel insurance.

Now, before you say anything, we get it. Travel insurance is one of the last things you consider when planning a trip. The hotel and excursions are so much more shiny and exciting. The problem is you end up overpaying because you’re in a mad rush to get your insurance last minute. Oops. There’s a better way, and it can save you hundreds of dollars on your next trip.

How to get affordable travel insurance on your next vacay
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soNomad is a Canadian-based company that is revamping the travel insurance game with a unique and low-cost approach. Unlike traditional insurance brokers that take a hefty commission and pass that cost onto you, soNomad keeps their fees at a minimum thanks to a tech-forward system that finds you the best deals from top insurers around the world. It’s also super user-friendly, so you can easily buy your insurance online and get back to planning that scuba-diving excursion.

How to get affordable travel insurance on your next vacay
Photo via soNomad

Speaking of scuba-diving, we promise the adventurers aren’t left out! soNomad offers coverage for a wide variety of sports and activities, from skiing to surfing and more. This means you can indulge your passions and try something new without worrying that your insurance will leave you high and dry.

Even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie, travel insurance protects you in case of the unexpected. Twist your ankle on some cobblestones while wearing a pair of beautiful (if ill-advised) heels? No problem. Got a little too over-confident at the beach volleyball match? The only lasting bruise will be your ego. If you’re a Canadian travelling in the United States, even a minor medical visit can cost you thousands. Why not play it safe?

How to get affordable travel insurance on your next vacay
Photo via soNomad

If you’re planning to dip at the same time as the temperature, we have a few ideas on where you can go and how much it’ll cost you.

A Weekend Getaway In Miami

Miami is the perfect trifecta of heat, food, and vibrant nightlife. You’ve got all the entertainment you can expect of a major US city, combined with stunning beaches to work on your tan.

Kamila, a 28-year-old from Toronto, thought so too and she only paid $7.50 for her travel insurance with soNomad. That’s stilettos and bottomless margaritas peace of mind.

A 10-day Adventure to Costa Rica

Who wouldn’t want to run away to this tropical paradise in the middle of a brutal Canadian winter? Explore a lush jungle biome packed with biodiversity, or lounge on a white, sandy beach the whole time. You really can’t go wrong.

A couple with 2 kids booked their family vacation here and only had to pay $41 for travel insurance with soNomad for the whole crew.

2 Weeks in Nicaragua

Stunning nature, gorgeous architecture, and a rich local culture to explore. This Central America escape is poised between the Pacific and Caribbean seas with a dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes, and beaches.

Derek, a 32-year-old from Mississauga, booked a 2-week trip and got his travel insurance from soNomad for only $28.15. You just know he went ziplining.

You might still be gardening in shorts, but winter isn’t that far away. Escape the snow and sleet by planning ahead.

Be sure to check out soNomad to get a free travel insurance quote for your upcoming trip!



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