Hold on to your hearts, Calgary, because a devoted Bridgeland resident might steal it away if it isn’t guarded.

As seen below, a lovely lady, known only as ‘Helen’ thanks to an Instagram user who claims she’s a family friend, has become a beacon of light for those driving home after a long day’s work.

According to Kerry Bennett, who originally posted the video, ‘Helen’ has a reputation for greeting those driving through the area by blowing kisses, waving, and giving warm and cozy mock hugs. In fact, due to Bennet’s Gram, she’s also caught the attention of Bridgeland’s community page, Tourism Calgary, and even CBS.

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Though we only have a single clip as insight, several users on Instagram have confirmed that they have also seen this elusive sweetheart at one of the many four-way stops around rush hour, day after day.

Whether they’re walking their dog, or just passing through she’s there, being the BEST ambassador for any community in the city with a smile on her face and a skip in her step.

Honestly, after the year that we’ve all had, small acts like this one make an incredible difference on bad days just as well as the good, so thank you Helen (if that is your real name).

The world needs more people like you, but if we get only one, we’re proud to call you ours. Bridgeland loves, you so keep doing what you’re doing for as long as it brings you joy.

We hope to see more of your in the future!