Now, full transparency, we don’t have a beard, but if we DID, we would definitely want to keep it germ-free. Turns out, though our concern for its cleanliness is only hypothetical, we’re not alone! For this reason, one Calgary company has actually created the Beardzilla, a full-coverage face mask, meant for even the hairy-est of faces.

Whether you suffer from ‘beard dent’ (which we had no idea was a thing until today) or are rightfully COVID-cautious, BeardsYYC has a Beardzilla that will coordinate well with practically any outfit, for any occasion.

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Made with 3 layers of cotton material, these face masks come in either 6.5 inches or 9 inches, are machine washable, and have soft adjustable earloops for your comfort.

Of course, the Beardzilla is not meant for medical purposes, so those who work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, or testing centres will have to do without unless they’re just out and about casually.

If you’re interested, these masks cost anywhere from $26 to $30, are available for purchase online here and ship globally, which is pretty cool.

Check them out, YYC! Support local and protect that beard – because we’re sure your beard would protect you if it could.