Most locals know by now that there’s a Hollywood celeb in our midst who is practically an honourary resident at this point. Adam Sandler is in Toronto and has been for the last couple of weeks, wandering the streets, attending Canada Day parades, and even playing pickup basketball.

Toronto resident Ismail Mehrez told Curiocity that he and his brother were at Ramsden Park on Saturday, June 25, when a man who they later realized was Adam Sandler walked up to their court and started shooting.

“We were confused and I was quick to point out the outfit he was wearing was something only Adam Sandler would wear,” said Mehrez.

“You can guess how surprised I was [when] I got a good look at his face.”


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Mehrez said that he recently watched an interview clip on TikTok of Sandler saying that he usually plays basketball in any city he’s working in when he has the time and that Sandler is “beloved in the professional basketball community.”

“I brought up the TikTok I watched and he chuckled then asked me if I wanted to play with him. Of course, I was delighted and couldn’t pass on that once-in-a-lifetime offer,” he said.

“At the end of our games he told me I was actually good at playing basketball and that meant a LOT coming from him. All in all, he was a really humble guy that everyone seemed to love.”

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Mehrez said it was a “surreal experience not only meeting him but also getting to run ball [with] him.”

“You see videos of him playing with [NBA] players and you just sit in awe of how his game seems to translate to the court.”

We’d like to see Adam Sandler and Toronto’s other newly-minted basketball star J. Cole play some one-on-one.