What do you get when you take an Adam Sandler movie and sprinkle in a little Kyle Lowry? Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but we imagine the combo would make for a killer film. This won’t only be in our imagination much longer! ‘Cause the movie star just confirmed that Toronto’s favourite basketball champion is about to make his film debut.

Yup, Sandler dropped the bombshell news on a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week. Apparently, the film will be called Hustle and it’s being produced by basketball legend LeBron James’ entertainment company, SpringHill Entertainment. The story will follow an NBA scout (Sandler) who discovers a player in Spain and brings him to America.

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Of course, the humble Uncut Gems star gave the credit to LeBron James for attracting Kyle Lowry to the film. But with as impressive of a resume as Sandler’s got, we’d think it’d be hard for anyone to say no to working with him. Even if they are arguably one of the greatest Toronto Raptors of all time.

There’s no word yet on when this flick will be ready for us to watch, but we’ll be waiting at the edge of our seats until then. With a cameo from Lowry in the mix, we already know it’s gonna be good.