As the weather warms, Toronto is looking forward to another year of ActiveTO. This outdoor program was introduced at the beginning of the pandemic and was an immediate hit. Now that a year has gone by and the city is in yet another form of lockdown, Mayor Tory says the popular initiative could be back sooner than we think.

During his press conference a few days ago, Tory discussed what Toronto will look like for the upcoming 28 days. He highlighted his push for ActiveTO plans to be “fast-tracked” so city residents can have as many opportunities as possible to get outside. The hope is that the program will launch as early as April.

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So what can we expect with this year’s ActiveTO programming? A lot more of what we saw last year. We’re talking the shut down of streets so folks can spread out to walk or bike ride, the ongoing expansion of Toronto’s cycling network, even a potential return of quiet streets throughout residential neighbourhoods.

You can read the latest updates on the ActiveTO program at the City of Toronto website here.

So get your chin up, Toronto, and get ready to get outside. Whether ActiveTO starts tomorrow or next month, it’s sure to be a hopeful antidote to the stir-craziness that’s already beginning to set in.