A new arcade has opened in the city but it’s nothing like the ones you’ve been to before. Activate claims to be the world’s first active gaming facility, where you and your friends compete in a series of challenges that are basically life-sized arcade games.

Jump, climb, and dodge your way to victory while you put your skills to the test. “You and your group of 3-5 will move freely between eleven interactive rooms, choosing games that challenge your agility, problem solving, and speed,” the description says.

“Dive through lasers. Climb glowing walls. Only the best can conquer them all. Think you have what it takes?”

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Whether you’re a skilled baller or an avid climber, you’ll get to do a little of everything. One room requires you to sink baskets, the next will test your memory with glowing targets.

You’ll get to scale an interactive glowing rock wall, tilt on a standing joystick, jump on multicoloured grids, and more, all while solving riddles, puzzles, and memory tests.


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There are a few Activate locations in Canada and the U.S., including one in Burlington. The newest one to open is in Scarborough.

Well, what’re you waiting for? It’s time to challenge your friends to the ultimate battle!

Activate Scarborough

Where: 1980 Eglinton Avenue E
Cost: $25 per person