Alberta has some of the most incredible rivers, waterfalls and mountain ranges in Canada – but few can match Abraham Lake in uniqueness.

Located just outside the town of Nordegg, Abraham Lake has raised eyebrows and landed itself on global social media due to its unreal appearance and stunning backdrop.

Unlike so many other frozen blue sheets in the area, this particular pool is known for its under-ice bubbles and slanted surface.

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“[Abraham Lake] is filled up with spring runoff from the mountains,” Danielle Fortin with Explore Nordegg told Curiocity.

“In the time between when it’s the lowest and the highest, grass and vegetation start to grow again; then when they’re underwater, it starts to break down it releases a gas.”

“As the ice freezes – depending on how fast – you get bubbles which are trapped beneath the ice.”


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Interested in checking it out? Well, while people do skate Lake Abraham – you may want to think twice unless you’re a pro!

Because of the way it freezes, the ice is pretty rough, uneven and difficult to gracefully glide across Рno matter your skill level. 

If of course, you choose not to lace up – you can also (carefully) walk the surface, just be sure to check the ice conditions before heading out to make sure it’s for sure safe and solid.

Happy exploring, Alberta, and enjoy!


Where: See directions here
Distance: 308 km from Calgary, 339 km from Edmonton