Alberta has some of the most incredible rivers, waterfalls and mountain peaks in Canada – but few destinations are as perplexing as Abraham Lake.

Located just outside the town of Nordegg, Abraham Lake is an Alberta must-visit due to its unreal appearance and scenic backdrop.

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Unlike other frozen sheets in the area, this particular pool is known for its under-ice bubbles and slanted surface.

“You may wonder how it is possible that there are already bubbles to be found when most of the lake is still wide open,” they wrote.

“Abraham Lake is over 30 km long, and its southern end at Preacher’s Point typically starts to freeze 6-8 weeks ahead of the rest of the lake.”

Of course, depending on when you visit it’s not always a sure thing when it to Abraham!

“Going looking for ice bubbles is a little like wildlife viewing,” they write on their website. “You never know how the conditions will change and while we can highlight some of the spots where you’re most likely to find them there are no guarantees.”

Want to try and get a glimpse for yourself? While it typically freezes mid to late December the bubbles are at their best from early January to mid-February.

In addition, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

“It is of the utmost importance that you conduct your own ice depth checks prior to venturing onto the ice as conditions can change quickly,” they explain.

“The guides at @nordeggadventures are out almost daily to check conditions – use our ice reports as a baseline, and check for yourself when you get to the lake. Remember that an ice thickness of at least 10 cm is recommended for solo travel, or 13 cm when travelling as a group. Lastly, give yourself plenty of time to explore and have fun!”

They also advise travellers to avoid the ice between the dam and Windy Point, bring ice cleats and avoid snow-covered areas as they may be hiding weak ice underneath. Also, consider bringing a well-stocked emergency kit, as the area is pretty remote!

If you’d still like to visit, bring your camera! It really is something, Alberta!

Heck, while there, consider checking out one of these other exciting activities in and around the province!

You’re in for a treat no matter where you go!

Abraham Lake, Alberta

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