A refuge for tired Alberta hikers, the iconic Abbot Pass Hut was built by hand in 1922 by a group of Swiss mountain guides. Since then, it’s become a beloved landmark, a historical site and now a point of contention – because, according to Parks Canada, this spring will be its last as erosion and rockfall have taken their toll.

“Like a number of historic places, the Abbot Pass Refuge Cabin Historic Site (Abbot Pass Hut) has been negatively impacted by the effects of climate change,” they wrote in a statement.

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“Slope erosion and glacial recession have caused structural damage to the hut despite extensive stabilization efforts and interventions made to preserve the refuge in its location. As a result, Parks Canada has made the difficult decision to dismantle and substantially remove the Abbot Pass Hut in spring 2022.”

A “safety risk,” Abbot Pass will be just shy of its 100th birthday but Parks Canada isn’t taking any risks – and honestly, we get it.

While this place is incredibly cool, the area has become increasingly dangerous. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to get hurt way up in the mountains along the Alberta BC border where calling for help can be tough.

As of right now, a demolition plan has yet to be worked out but it’ll only be a matter of time until the entire building is dismantled.

Whether you’ve been or hadn’t made your way up there yet, bid your goodbyes, folks. But please, do it from afar and stay safe. Alberta will miss you, Abbot Pass Hut, thanks for standing strong for as long as you did – it’s really been a slice.