Well folks, happy Friday. A moose breaking into a Saskatoon school already gave us a few chuckles this week, but the laughs aren’t done. The source of today’s giggles is a 10-year-old dog from Winnipeg that decided this week was the time to take his family’s golf car for a joyride. Yes, a dog driving.

So what happened? Well, Titan the dog was looking for some shelter from the rain and hopped in the family’s golf cart. He’s a big boy so he accidentally stepped on the gas pedal which swung the cart in a wide U-turn since it wasn’t turned off properly. It ended with him smashing into the family’s truck luckily unscathed except for maybe his ego.

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@ctvnewsA Manitoba canine walked away unharmed after climbing into a golf cart and crashing it into a truck. The whole incident was caught on security cam.♬ original sound – CTVNews

We’re happy that Titan got away unscathed and if you’re wondering, the family was able to fix the small about of damage he did to the truck. In the end, the whole saga created an unbelievable story luckily backed up by some footage that you can watch above. And if you happen to have a golf cart and a dog, let this be a cautionary tale to properly turn it off.

We hope this tidbit of funny Canadian news made you laugh and if it did, consider sharing it with a friend. Have a great weekend, folks!