There’s a moose on the loose… what’s it going to learn? The Sylvia Fedoruk School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan got a very, uh, natural surprise this morning when a moose busted in there. Here’s the juice on this moose.

Little backstory on the event was given, but apparently, the moose broke through some glass and into a community room earlier this morning. Luckily, no students or staff were hurt, although the moose was a little worse for wear. It ended up hanging up around inside, before being removed by animal control an hour or so later.

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Now, we return to our original question. Was the moose trying to learn something? Was it hoping to teach us something?? We’ll never know, and we can’t help but feel like this was a real missed opportunity for both species. That’s it, we’re setting up a whiteboard on crown land this winter to see if the moose have anything else they’d like to share.

Because really, when you’ve got that powerful of a body, there must be something worth telling us.