Sometimes, we stumble across things that really speak to us, and that’s exactly what happened today. Turns out, there’s a video game coming out about a raccoon private eye, set in a dystopian version of Vancouver. The game is called Backbone, and it’s being developed by a company called EggNut Games. Here’s what we know so far!

The game is actually the second in the series, since Backbone: Prologue came back out in 2019, and to glowing Steam reviews might we add. You play a raccoon named Howard Lotor, as you try and uncover the mystery behind a seemingly menial case.

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And while we’re curious about the plot, we’re sold on the visuals. The 2D sidescroller features a classic, pixelated art style and some glorious lighting, if we do say so ourselves. And, a special shoutout to whoever was in charge of the design, since they captured some iconic Vancouver buildings and landmarks. We spotted scenes from Gastown, Granville and maybe even Yaletown? We won’t spoil it for you, though.

Backbone is set to be released on Steam for PC on June 8th. But, we’re a bunch of filthy casuals, so we’re going to have to wait until it gets a console release later this year. Either way, we’re excited to try out another game that features Vancouver so prominently!

Frankly, our copy of Tony Hawk’s Underground is getting a little worse for wear.