Ready to play Korean children’s games but not ready to put your life on the line while you do it? The folks at Sai Woo have got you covered. The Vancouver restaurant has announced a series of Squid Game-themed nights, combining food, drinks, and of course, games!

Starting tonight, Sai Woo will be offering a South Korean-inspired 6 course meal (priced at $65) plus a wide variety of themed cocktails to go alongside it. You’ll get rice cakes, squid sausage, Korean-style pancakes, and much more, which we think is worth a trip by itself.

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But of course, the (free to play) games are sure to be the real draw here. Sai Woo has chosen 4 games for their guests to play- Honeycomb, Gganbu, Ddakji, and the one that started it all- Red Light, Green Light. Reservations are highly encouraged, and can be made by phoning the restaurant during work hours.

And, even if you don’t get down there this weekend, don’t worry! The restaurant has hinted that this will be an ongoing occurrence, so we have a feeling you’ll have at least one more opportunity to figure out if you really can beat the honeycomb game by licking it.

Squid Game Nights at Sai Woo

When: Starts Thursday, October 28th
Where: 158 E Pender Street