Well, this isn’t the best news for anyone in Canada waiting for their packages to be delivered. A man in Toronto recently received a package from Canada Post that he says he ordered, wait for it, in 2012. Wowza.

In an interview with CTV, Elliot Berinstein says that he was confused to see a package on his doorstep on May 6th since he hadn’t recently ordered anything online. When he opened it, he realized it contained an invoice from 2012 and the tube of Brylcreem (hair styling cream) that he ordered from Well.ca 8 years earlier. He said all he could really do is laugh, and we don’t blame him!

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Hmm, not the most prompt delivery we’ve seen. But hey, at least the package was intact! Berinstein shared the whole series of events on Reddit and even included a picture of the invoice for evidence.

We know Canada Post has had some issues, but here’s hoping our packages all arrive in 2020!