Who said video games are a waste of time? Other than our mom, like every day. A Toronto-based gamer and Youtuber has mapped Toronto in Minecraft, and we’re thinking that’s a pretty great use of time, if we say so ourselves!

The dude’s game name is Gamefruitpulp. We wonder how he prefers his orange juice. According to CityNews, Gamefruitpulp spent three years and over 1,000 hours creating a 1:1 scale model of Toronto in Minecraft.

We’re gonna admit, despite Minecraft being the best-selling video game of all time, we don’t really play. This somewhat limits our ability to add in fun Minecraft inside joke puns, so do us a favour and just pity laugh a bit.

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Gamefruitpulp told CityNews that he was inspired first by Brookfield Place. This was the first building he found himself trying to perfect, before moving onto everything from the Flatiron to the L Tower.

“I thought to myself ‘why not try and just build Toronto in general?’ … I thought it’d be a cool experiment to try and just keep expanding out from that block and see how far I got.” Somebody get this dude an honourary architecture degree.

So, when is the project complete? Well, Gamefruitpulp wants to build High Park and the Don Valley first. We suspect he might find himself doing the entire GTA, and we’d be pretty dang impressed if he did.