Virtual design is on the rise and one Toronto-based artist is making her mark. Meet Krista Kim, the genius mind behind the world’s first NFT-backed digital house.

For those of you who are like us and know nothing about NFT, the acronym stands for “non-fungible token.” Essentially, it refers to a digital token that functions sort of like a type of cryptocurrency. NFTs take digital art and transform it into verified one-of-a-kind pieces that exist as units of data on the blockchain.

So, if you want the verified ownership of a piece of digital art, a video, a song, heck even a snippet from a video game, you can purchase it as an NFT. Recently, an NFT by digital artist Beeple was sold by Christie’s for a whopping $69 million USD. Yeah, they’re taking off, folks.

Anyway, this incredible virtually designed house is titled Mars House. It’s a 3D digital file that can be experienced in virtual reality. Insane, right? But what’s even more insane it was sold for a whopping $500,000 USD! That’s pretty darn impressive, people. Let’s give it up for Krista Kim!

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Apparently, Kim designed the house to be a space that embodied her meditative philosophy. In her own words, she describes the house as a “light sculpture.”

Its dreamy aesthetics, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a view overlooking the mountains of Mars, seriously make this thing a work of art. A work of art worth the same price as a house? Well, that’s what the NFT world has decided.

So be sure to check out this amazing digital house by heading online here. You can catch a little video of the space, plus an informative description with even more background insight on this exciting sale.