Unique baby names, we’re all about them. But sometimes those names aren’t exactly planned like, Korn. That’s right, one of Seattle’s newest babies born on April 23rd is named Korn, just like the iconic 1990’s nu-metal band. But this rockin’ baby’s parents aren’t actually too happy about it.

You probably know the band by their hits like “Freak on a Leash”, “Coming Undone” and “Falling Away From Me”. Let’s put it this way, the band isn’t exactly the most baby-friendly music. But we’re sure that the band is honored. However, little Mrs. Korn was actually supposed to be named Kora, but a slip-up happened somewhere along the way at the hospital.

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Now it’s unclear whether it was mom’s mistake or the hospitals but either way, a name revision is in order. That being said, the experience ended up being a great one, as mom, Kell Tate learned a lot about the band. Sadly though, they won’t be able to keep the original and hilarious birth certificate as the revision form is on the back of it.

Now this story probably makes you feel pretty thankful that you have a normal name. But we wish the best for baby Kora and her family and certainly hope that some Korn will be played on her first birthday. Talk about an entrance to the world! Have a great week Seattle.