“Wake up, sleepyhead! It’s time to pee and play!” If you rolled your eyes while reading this sentence, you’re definitely a dog owner. At the cost of early morning walks in the middle of freakin’ winter comes the joy of having a companion that puts you first. Okay, maybe second when there’s a bone involved. 

Though this whole working from home during lockdown has brought you a lot closer to your pupper, dogs, just like us humans, need to socialize with their peers and have some fun. 

And on that note, Pet-A-Palooza was born to be THE social event of the year for dogs and their people. Pet-A-Palooza aka The Day Of The Dog is hitting Yaletown this month, and we are ready to paw-rty!

So here’s what to expect at this year’s festival! 


pet-a-palooza vancouver
Photo via Pet-a-palooza

The 2021 edition is going all out with a 120 ft pool, complete with canine cabanas, floaties, treats, and a DJ. Yup, that’s it’s gonna be a lit pawty, so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and your sunscreen! 


pet-a-palooza vancouver
Photo via Pet-a-palooza

Making your dreams come true, one pup race at a time. You’ll be able to see these furry friends wiggling their way across the finish line at Pet-A-Palooza’s four races. 

  • The Running Of The Bulls welcomes both lightweight (Frenchies) and heavyweight (English bullies) categories. 
  • The Wiener dog race gives your low rider a true chance to shine (size isn’t everything!).
  • The Puppy Stampede, you guessed it, will crown the fastest baby runner in town.
  • And new this year, Corgi Races! 


pet-a-palooza vancouver

Too much agitation at the races for your liking? Take a zen moment at yoga, but with puppies. Yes, that’s quite literally what’s happening. You, your mat, and a million adorables pups napping around! 

And the best yet, all puppies are adoptable. So if you were thinking of welcoming a fur-member to your family, this is your chance! Classes fill in quickly so reserve your spot here while you still can.


Camera, lights, action! Pet-A-Palooza has a 70 ft street art installation and wants to see your pur-fect shots! You can win a massive prize including a 1 year of food supply from Acana Pet Food. Yum! 

both pets and owners can share a fun time together. Find out more information on Pet-A-Palooza’s website

This event is 1 day only, so mark your calendars, it’s not one to miss!

See you there furrrrr-riends! 


When: Sep 12 2021, 11:00am – 4:00pm
Where: Yaletown 1100 Mainland Street
Admission: FREE and pet friendly