Calgarian’s are pretty familiar with the ‘speakeasy’ – and while we’ve got a few really good underground cocktail bars, we’re always on the hunt for the next big thing. This weekend, those looking to check out someplace darker, deeper, and a little more secretive than your local pub or favourite restaurant can finally check out Please Don’t Tell a brand new spot, where dressing up, feeling your oats, and treating yourself to a fancy drink is encouraged.

Located on 8th Avenue and 1st street in the space once occupied by the Infinity Ultra Lounge under Bar Patricia, PDT has announced that its grand opening will take place this Friday, October 22nd. Interestingly, Please Don’t Tell is the same name as an award-winning cocktail bar in NYC’s East Village neighbourhood, but there is no word if the Calgary location has any connection to that spot beyond the moniker.

Now, there are a few things that should be noted, however – the first being the dress code.

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According to their Instagram ‘upper scale’ attire will be required by all guests – this means no hoodies or leggings will be allowed which seems a little foreign to us after nearly two years of COVID, but we think you guys can probably handle that! We on the other hand… 

Secondly, anyone under 21 years old will not be permitted to enter, so sorry youngins, but time will fly! You’ll be allowed to check it out in no time.

As for the other less significant details, they have remained pretty hush-hush but we can tell you that this high-brow nightclub will definitely be one you’ll want to check out at least once.


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The space itself is beautiful and we’ve never met a cocktail we didn’t like, so we can’t wait to check it out.

For more information, you can check out their Instagram here, or their website here.

As always, as more info is released, we’ll keep you in the know, but until then, dust off your collared shirts – Calgary’s about to get fancy.


When: Friday, October 22nd
Where: 811 1st Street SW, Calgary