True to its word, Tendon Kohaku recently announced its soft opening in Vancouver, and it’s coming this week! Originally from Singapore, this international chain has chosen our city for their first North American outpost. So, we think they deserve to be given a shot.

Basically, tendon is a rice bowl topped with tempura and they look absolutely divine. Their name “Kohaku” is the Japanese word for “amber,” which was inspired by the “amber perfection” of their tempura. Very poetic, if we do say so ourselves. Fingers crossed that the food lives up to our expectations!

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Plus, their opening plans give us something to look forward to. Until Thursday, Tendon Kohaku will be in soft-opening mode. Then, on Friday, they switch to their grand opening. Usually, this doesn’t mean squat, but Kohaku will be offering 25% off their ‘entire menu’ to celebrate. Now that’s how you say hello!

And we can’t wait to say hello back. To learn more about this new spot opening in Vancouver, just click the link below!

Tendon Kohaku

When: Now open!
Where: 840 Howe Street