While so more, ahem, vocal sources might suggest otherwise, a new poll has set the record straight. Turns out that Canadians find doctors to be the most trustworthy profession in the country, and that more people trust them now than even before the pandemic started. Here’s the scoop.

The new poll comes from the market research firm Ipsos, which actually looked at countries around the world. However, we’re focusing on Canada, because the results were a little bit surprising. According to their poll, the three most trusted professions in Canada currently are doctors (70%), scientists (64%), and teachers (62%).

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doctors trustworthy
Image via Ipsos

While those numbers might seem a little conservative, we’re actually well ahead of the rest of the world on this front. What’s more, the percentage of Canadians who trust both doctors and teachers has gone up by 6% since the start of the pandemic. Scientists enjoyed even more of a boost, soaring some 8% during the same time frame.

Ironically, Canadians are less trusting of other professions when compared to the global average. We’re not super big fans of business leaders (17% vs. 23%), lawyers (23% vs. 29%), and advertising execs (9% vs. 15%) to name a few examples.

Trusting those who exist, by and large, for the public’s benefit while not trusting those who seek to protect and enhance (by and large) the profits of corporations. Yeah, we see no issues here.