The Toronto film industry is the gift that keeps on giving! Not only does this city constantly churn out amazing movies and shows for all to enjoy, but now YOU could be in one of those movies. Jason Momoa is back in town filming a brand new feature called Slumberland, and they’re looking for people to join the project.

So how can you get involved? By submitting to this casting call. The popular film/TV website eBoss posted the notice last week. If you’re chosen, you’ll get to spend a day on set as a background performer in this exciting picture.

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So according to the casting notice, they’re on the hunt for people with “interesting facial features.” This can include anything from a prominent nose to distinct freckles, to eye-catching hair colours, and everything in between.  If that sounds like you, be sure to jump on this insane opportunity.

The shoot is scheduled to take place on Monday, April 19th. Along with getting to work with Jason Momoa, you’ll also be paid over $200/hr for your time. There’s literally no downside, y’all!

To learn more and to submit, check out the full casting notice right here.