Craving a new takeout or delivery option this weekend? Then you might what to see what the new app Chowbus has to offer. Originally created in 2014, Chowbus has grown to over 60 cities worldwide. And now, Vancouver is one of them! Let’s see what’s up.

The name ‘Chowbus’ comes from an admittedly unique way to do delivery. For $1, people could set a time and pick up zone for their food, which would then be dropped off via bus. Kind of like a public transit system for food, which is a weird, but fun, idea.

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It doesn’t look like Vancouver will be getting that feature anytime soon, but traditional takeout and delivery options are also available. And boy, are there a lot of them. Primarily Richmond spots, you can order anything from Japanese izakaya to Korean family-style broths and all kinds of Chinese cuisines.

So, if you’re missing trying new spots around the city, you might enjoy this new app. You can check it out for yourself right here. Happy dining, Vancouver!