Goodness! This might be the biggest Albertan vacation flex of all time. The entire Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has been rented out for a whopping 65 days. A recent article from the CBC confirmed the booking, which runs from late February to late April of this year.

However, the CBC was not able to confirm any details beyond that. So, sadly, it’ll be tough to find out just what the heck someone needs all 440+ rooms for. Even with a resident’s rate, each room still costs $247-$487 per night to rent out.

Update: Shortly after the publication of this article, the National Post reported that it was none other than The Bachelorette who made the booking. Looks like Alberta is going to get a lot of love from TV networks sooner or later!

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In more straightforward terms, at the lowest available price right now ($247), you’re still looking at a cool $7,064,200 to rent the Jasper Park Lodge out for that long. Now, we have a feeling that the private nature means less staff will be required, so there could have been a better deal out there. With new information stating that it’s ABC’s The Bachelorette taking the space over, we guess that budget thing really doesn’t matter anymore!

Obviously, this now raises concerns over the renters and Jasper Park Lodge adhering to all the public health guidelines currently in place in Alberta. From February through April, the entire lodge will be filled with the cast and crew of the hit TV show, but things are still up in the air regarding an American production coming to Alberta during the pandemic.

Enjoy the rest of the day, folks!