If there’s anything that we miss the most from our childhood, it’s being able to swing, jump and roll our way through an indoor playground. Before we worried about hygiene, ball pits were the absolute best – which is why we can’t wait until the day that Sky Castle, a HUGE new play place, opens its doors to Calgary.

No, we won’t be able to check it out ourselves, but we can live vicariously through our friends’ kids – and that’s good enough.

As announced last year, Sky Castle will serve as an anchor tenant for the recently opened New Horizon Mall, right next door to CrossIron Mills in Balzac.

With 34,000 square feet of family entertainment, this mega space is going to have practically everything to keep your kiddos entertained and excited to go back, time after time.

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Featuring a donut slide, castles, an open play area, and a miniature town where little’s can pretend to be firefighters, grocers, and chefs; this place will have you wishing that you could go back to a time where naptime was a punishment and melted Kinder Surprise was practically gourmet.

Unfortunately, due to COVID there’s really no saying when this insane place will open – or whether adults will be able to partake in an activity or two. All that we know for sure is that Sky Castle Indoor Playplace kick off what we’re hoping is a long run.

For more information on the park check out their website here!


Where: 260300 Writing Creek Cres, Rocky View County