If there’s one thing that never ceases to amaze us, it’s the depths of the baby name trends world. Seems like a whole reality has been built around ‘unique’, ‘trendy’, and in this case, a blend of ‘fun and fantasy’. At least, that’s the theme for next year, according to the baby-naming website Nameberry.

A recent report on the baby name trends for 2022 revealed some seriously, uh, interesting points of inspiration. Each of the 10 trends called by the report had a whole list of names attached, but we’re going to highlight our top 3 from each category. Seriously, there are a ton of unique names to be found here, not even counting what inspired them.

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  1. Playful Names– Baby, Cricket (weird IASIP reference?), and Pixie
  2. Escapist Nature Names– Meridian, Horizon, and Dune
  3. Bridgerton-Inspired Names– Regé (accent included), Cressida and Genevieve
  4. Nonbinary Names for Boys (A very confusing point of inspiration, considering the child has yet to be born)- Nyx, Juniper, Honor
  5. Spirit and Soul Names– Psalm, Creed (now this HAS to be a reference to The Office), and Brave
  6. Names Ending in S– Banks, Helios, and Wells
  7. Retro Nostalgia Names (the most basic of the bunch)- Frank, Ralph, Etta
  8. Next Wave Musical Names (and, we’re back)- Jazz, Symphony, and Drummer
  9. Punchy R Names– Riot, Rox, Rumor
  10. Euro Chic Names (better than the alternative, we guess)- Oona, Cosmo (Seinfeld reference), and Tova

Here’s the thing though, this is just the tip of the baby name trends for 2022 iceberg. It’s not often we say this, but we seriously think you should check the list out for yourself. As for us? Well, we’re too busy consulting the LOTR universe for our inspiration.