Are mountain goats the hippos of Canada?  The idea has some merit, especially with the recent news coming out thanks to Parks Canada. Turns out, a mountain goat took down a grizzly bear in BC’s Yoho National Park earlier this month. Yeah, we’re scratching our heads about it too.

A CBC news article has revealed the details. Apparently, a hiker found the remains of a female grizzly bear near Golden, BC, and alerted the authorities about it. Well, the official necropsy report has come back, and the fatal wounds are consistent with those of a mountain goat’s horns.

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Turns out, grizzly bears tend to attack mountain goats from above, which does offer the goat a chance to protect itself. What’s more, this grizzly was some 70kg at the time of death. And while we’d still be terrified of encountering it, adult male mountain goats can almost double that size, maxing out around 130kg. Who woulda thought a mountain goat would take down a grizzly bear, though!

We guess the grizzly bear brought claws to a horn fight, and lost her life because of it. According to the CBC article, the park still has a very healthy population of grizzlies, so although it’s an unfortunate case, it’s a good reminder that nature can be metal from time to time, folks!