Yo, ho, yo ho – it’s a pirates life for yar’… or at least that’s what we’re hoping. This August, memorize a sea chantey or two, sink into character, and hit the deck for the Calgary Pirate Treasure Hunt, billed as the ‘world’s largest outdoor escape room experience’.

Spread across several city blocks, buccaneers, lads, and landlubber’s alike are encouraged to crack codes, solve clues, and piece together puzzles in hopes of being finding the hidden bounty before the time is up.

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In teams of 2-6 people, this immersive game will challenge each of your weaknesses, strengths, and honestly, your patience – but it will not have been for nothing!

Prizes will be given out for both the crew who completes the game the fastest and the scallywags who dress better than all the others, so do your absolute best and pay close attention. It’s not meant to be easy.

If you’re among those looking to live out your wildest Jack Sparrow rum-guzzling dreams, tickets are available now and cost around $52 per team and can be purchased below, just… maybe save the celebratory sipping until AFTER you win, alright?

Good luck!


When: August 28th
Where: Downtown Calgary – meeting points TBA
Time: 10 am
Cost: $52. 50 / per-team