Don’t get it twisted we can’t wait to get back to theatres, but if we had to choose between catching a flick inside or out – we’d much rather kick it under a blanket of stars. For this reason, we are hyped for a new and upcoming event hitting Toronto this summer – The TOPS and Friends Festival at Fort York!

Featuring local musicians and a variety of movies new, Canadian, old, short, and indie – this 5-week event is being held safely in celebration of community, entertainment, and warm summer nights – but that’s not even the best part!

Despite showing some wildly popular films, this event is totally free to enjoy with your friends and family.

Seriously, guys name a better way to bring people together while simultaneously also supporting Canadian film and getting people out and about safely?

Interested in checking it out? Well, you’ll have to wait a few weeks before taking your seats in the grass – but it’ll be well worth the wait.

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Here’s everything that TOPS will be showing between Saturday, July 31st and September 5th, 2021:

Saturday, July 31
The Birdcage (1996)
Short films: Plus One (Peter Knegt, 2017, Canada) & Nouvel An (Marie-Ève Juste, 2015, Canada)

Sunday, August 1
Monsoon Wedding (2001)
Short film: The Foreigner (Maya Annik Bedward, 2014, Canada)

Monday, August 2
Booksmart (2019)
Short film: The Tragic Fall of Valerie Mallory Finkerstein (Martina Monro, 2019, Canada)

Thursday, August 5
Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (2003)
Guest curated by Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival

Friday, August 6
Dancehall Queen (1997)
Short films: Who Am I? (Alanna Stuart & May Truong, 2017, Canada) and Everblessed (Jeremy Relph & Nile
Saunter, 2016, Canada/Jamaica)
Guested curated by Alanna Stuart (Bonjay) and Sou Sou

Sunday, August 8
Of Ties And Tethers (2021)
Short film programme guest curated by Inter/Access as part of Vector Festival

Wednesday, August 11
Lara (2019)
Guest curated by Goethe-Institut Toronto

Friday, August 13
Between Heaven and Earth (2019)
Guest curated by Toronto Palestine Film Festival

Sunday, August 15
BFF Shorts Programme
Shorts: Activate NDN Consciousness (Natalie King, 2019, Canada), Rematriate: Passing the Seeds (Shelby
Lisk, 2019, Canada), Inuit Languages in the 21st Century (Ulivia Uviluk, 2020, Canada), Odehimin (VeilletteCheezo, 2020, Canada), êmîcêtôsêt: Many Bloodlines (Theola Ross, 2020, Canada)
Guest curated by Breakthroughs Film Festival

Friday, August 20
Chutney Popcorn (1993)
Short film: Noor & Layla (Fawzia Mirza, 2021, Canada)
Guest curated by Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival

Thursday, August 26
Minari (2020)
Guest curated by Regent Park Film Festival

Friday, August 27

Wednesday, September 1
Big Night (1996)
World Premiere of short films Distant Cousins (Winnifred Jong, 2021, Canada) & I Like it Here (Charlie Tyrell,
2021, Canada)
*With live music by Beams, music curated by Wavelength Music Series

Thursday, September 2
Dazed and Confused (1993)
World Premiere of short film Projections (Maya Annik Bedward, 2021, Canada)
*With live music by Moscow Apartment, music curated by Wavelength Music Series

Friday, September 3
Brimstone & Glory (2017)
World Premiere of short film Bee Problem (Roney, 2021, Canada)
*With live music by Helena Deland/Hildegard/Ouri, music curated by Wavelength Music Series

Saturday, September 4
Paris is Burning (Jennie Livingston, 1990, USA)
Short film: Stage Name: Victoria (Taran Morriseau, 2017, Canada)
*With live music by Desiire & Decoration Day, music curated by Wavelength Music Series

Sunday, September 5
The Forty-Year-Old Version (2020)
*Live music by LolaBunz, music curated by Wavelength Music Series

So there you have it, folks! Don’t miss out!

As always, if you choose to attend, please be safe, be smart and be kind!

For tickets and more information about the upcoming festival, you can check out their website below. Happy viewing, Toronto!


When: Saturday, July 31st – September 5th
Where: Fort York National Historic Site, 100 Garrison Road, Toronto
Time: See times above
Cost: Free (Donations appreciated)