If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to immigrate to Quebec, let this man’s experience give you some insight. Meet Yohan Flaman. He’s the man from France who can’t speak French. Or rather, he can speak French. It’s his first and primary language. But if you’d asked the Quebec immigration test about it, you might hear another story.

In a wild sequence of sounds-made-up events, Yohan Flaman somehow failed the French-speaking portion of the immigration test. The thirty-nine-year-old is a truck driver from Limoges, France who moved to Canada back in 2018.

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As a fluent and native French speaker, Flaman seems like the last person you’d expect not to pass a French language test, right? We thought so too. But apparently, we’re wrong because that is just what happened.

The test is administered by the Department of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration. And one thing to keep in mind is that there can be some pretty wild differences between Quebecois French and France French.

When speaking to the Montreal Gazette about the situation, Flaman said he wasn’t nervous about the language portion of the exam. He’s spoken French his whole life, why would he be?

“If I failed it, when I’m French, I can understand how someone who is Mexican, who doesn’t speak French, could fail,” he told the Montreal Gazette. “I think it’s ridiculous.”

But don’t worry folks. All’s well that ends well. According to the Montreal Gazette, Flaman retook the test in July and he passed. He is currently still waiting for his selection certificate.