We don’t need to tell you that BC has an amazing culture. From our massive size, many Indigenous groups, our flourishing diaspora communities, BC is just a place that is brimming with coolness.

And, what better way to celebrate the diverse and varied culture of the province than BC Culture Days! Between September 24 and October 24, engage with the rich culture and heritage of your community with lots of free, interactive events.

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For this event, 10 ambassadors are chosen from across the province to engage with the arts and culture of their community. But, not only that but there will be tons of arts and culture events taking place across the province, from Northern BC to the Lower Mainland.

From Youth Art shows to online and in-person performances and even workshops for you to hone your own artistic skills. It’s a grab bag of art with tons of amazing stuff to check out.

So, if this has piqued your interest, check out their website right here to see what events are happening near you. We can basically guarantee there will be something cool and local to you. And, it’s even better because a whole lot of these events are free. Which gets a massive thumbs up in our books.

So, see what events are happening around you, have an open mind, and celebrate some BC Culture!