Well, frick. It’s the season of giving, not the season of taking, people! No one needs to hear that more than the porch pirate (someone who steals deliveries off of doorsteps) who nabbed an Amazon box full of cat litter in Hamilton, Ontario.

According to the CBC, Laurie Pringle of Hamilton has seen around a dozen packages stolen in the past three years. Understandably fed-up, Pringle devised a sneaky plan to deliver the local porch pirates a package of poo. Well, cat litter filled with poo, to be exact.

Then, she placed the box on her doorstep and waited.

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As you can see on the above video, a porch pirate did indeed swing by for his bounty. ONLY 40 MINUTES LATER!! Little did he know he was shoving a pile of crap into his jacket, but hey, that’s what you get!

Speaking to the CBC, she gave quite a funny little explanation.

“While I was cleaning the cat litter, I thought, ‘It wouldn’t take much to fill a box with this stuff’ and so I thought, ‘You know, it’s Christmas time and maybe I should help Santa with the naughty list, and instead of coal, we can give the porch pirates some cat crap.'”

Well done, Laurie Pringle! A very merry Christmas to you.