Chances are you may have already heard of Burgerland, which has been offering delicious make-at-home burger smash kits for some time now. Well, we’ve got great news for you, because they’ve hit on the road! Clear your lunch schedule, you can enjoy these delicious burgers at some great spots around the city.

Burgerland will be using the same recipes as their burger kits, which focus on regional specialties and well-known creations. So, think everything from a classic cheeseburger to a cheeky ‘Up-N-Down’ burger and even an Oklahoma fried onion version. There will be side salads as well, but let’s be honest- it’s about the burgers.

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Burgerland has already picked the first stops for this summer, mainly opting for some of the city’s best breweries. They’re also swinging down to Locarno Beach, and will be stopping by the beloved Keefer Yard every Thursday for the next few weeks. So, you’ve got a few different ways to try these amazing burgers.

Which is highly suggest you do. After all, these folks make our roundup of the best burgers in Vancouver off their kits alone. We can only imagine how tasty they’ll be when we’re not scrambling to make them. Yeah, we’re not the best cooks around, we’ll be the first to admit it.

But, we know a good burger when we taste it! For more info and to check the schedule, head over to their website!

Burgerland Smash-Up

When: Now on!
Where: Locations around the city