Let’s be real. We’ve all been late on returning a library book or two. Well, back in the day before online libraries took over that is. But one Canadian man just returned a library book after a seriously insane about of time. This borrowing got back to the library system after a whopping 82 years!

So the whole thing went down in Sydney, Nova Scotia. When a local was renovating his house, he came upon a pile of ancient books hidden away in the attic. After opening up one, a copy of The Adventures of Dr. Doolittle, he discovered a library card tucked away inside. Apparently, a little girl had borrowed the book sometime around the end of The Great Depression.

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Now, if you’re wondering what the fines would amount to for a late-fee of 82 years we’ll give you your answer. Although no one was charged the fees, the library calculated them out just for fun. At a rate of 15 cents per day, this overdue book would have amounted to about $3,000 in late charges. Wowza!

Thankfully, the library just opted to waive late fees so no one had to pay that hefty fine. Instead, the McConnell Sydney Library, where the book was returned, is holding on to the copy as a piece of local history.