Seattle golfers get excited because a brand new golf experience is coming to Capitol Hill. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a golf simulator hangout spot smack dab in the middle of the Pike/Pine corridor. Get ready to tee up because Five Iron Golf is coming to town.

Five Iron Golf is undergoing a Seattle expansion which has landed them a spot in the Kelly Springfield building on 11th Ave. The new golf experience will be located in the northern chunk of the street-level commercial space in the building. If you’re a long-time Seattleite, you probably know this spot as Capitol Hill’s old Value Village (#rip).

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Now if you’re unfamiliar with Five Iron Golf, it’s basically a virtual golf bar. Players/patrons can enjoy rounds of virtual golf in a fun urban setting while sipping on their favorite drinks. It’s a great spot for golf lovers and non-golf lovers alike to hang out. Because being able to play an interactive virtual game at the bar sounds pretty dang fun if you ask us.

And if you take golf a little more seriously you can actually take classes here! So it’s definitely more than just your regular old sports bar. Plus it’s going to add a little extra zest to the spice of Capitol Hill nightlife.

Now we know this is all super fun and exciting but it’ll probably be a little bit until you’ll be able to enjoy Five Iron Golf. The construction process is just beginning and it seems that Seattle businesses are always facing delays. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a late 2021 tee off. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.