While most of us are out here adopting cats and dogs and then feeling like saints for doing so, the Calgary Zoo has just announced that they’ll be taking in some pretty magnificent, rather vulnerable animals in hopes of giving them a safe place to grow and thrive. From buffalo and monkeys to big cats and zebras, some of the world’s most beautiful creatures call the city attraction home but soon, visitors will be able to meet a celebration of Polar Bears face to glass to snout.

With $31 million set aside, the Calgary Zoo is gearing up to completely redevelop the Canadian Wilds enclosure; creating larger more complex habitats better suited for the needs of their existing residents and including new spaces for otters, caribou and even whopping cranes. These critters will be in addition to the bears, which are all said to be orphaned or are ‘stressed’ out by their current living conditions.

Keeping that in mind, this 3-year project will actually focus on the conservation of the country’s Arctic.

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“As an internationally-recognized conservation charity, the Calgary Zoo is known for our excellence in habitat design and animal care,” said Director of Animal Care, Health and Welfare, Jamie Dorgan in a press release.  “We are well suited to support the identified need to provide sanctuary to polar bears and support greater conservation messaging around the critical issues facing wildlife in Canada’s Arctic.”

So, there you have it, folks. Are you excited? Yes, no? Let us know!

For those of you who aren’t sure or are skeptical, feel free to take your time deciding. After all, this mass project won’t be completed until 2023.

For more information please visit the Calgary Zoo’s website here and scroll away there’s a whole lot going on over there folks. It’s going to be a wild few years.