Sometimes it’s nice to be able to go out for drinks without the booze factor. Because let’s face it, not everyone likes to drink and we can always use a break. So that’s why we’re super excited to welcome a new taproom to our city that focuses solely on kombucha and other fermented. Let’s take a look at Seeking Kombucha.

Seeking Kombucha is a small batch, locally and women-owned business that brews up over 40 creative flavors. And at their taproom, you can enjoy 12 different flavors on tap. But what really sets this spot apart is their kombucha mocktails. That’s right, you can get all the fanciness of your favorite cocktails without the hangover factor.

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That being said, you can actually still grab booze here. So this is a great place to check out if you’re with a group of people with different drinking preferences. And beyond drinks Seeking Kombucha also has pop-ups which we hope to see more of in the future. Because this taproom looks like a seriously promising spot for hard-core foodies.

If you’re looking to grab a drink this weekend consider supporting this new spot. Because you can never go wrong with a delicious kombucha or mocktail. Who knows, you might just end up going home with a growler or two. If you’d like to learn more you can click below.

Seeking Kombucha

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11 am-9 pm
Where: 1091 Thomas Street, Suite A